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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hand Print Memories :)

So we are slowly wrapping up a whirlwind week of first birthday craziness around here--what have you been up to?!? Lil man's party was amazing! It was a wonderful feeling to have so many of the people we love together celebrating Mason! I cannot believe he is one! I am working on collecting all of the pics to make a party blog post for later this week!!

Since he is right at a year I am trying to get a lot of things done before he grows another centimeter!! So far I have taken about a million pics, put his hand in plaster (to be framed next to his framed foot in plaster at birth),   and finished filling in his first year picture frame we got from the hubby's cousin! I will be hanging that tomorrow in lil man's room! One thing I wanted to make sure to do after the party whirlwind died down was to make a family hand print silhouette similar to the one I had pinned on pinterest awhile back! I wanted to capture lil man's size at this very moment :)! I tried tracing his hand like the gal on pinterest did with her kiddos, but Mas would have nothing to do with that! So I ended up using an organic, baby friendly ink pad and stamping his hand on the paper! He thought this was pretty funny! I was going to cut this out and use it as a stencil, but I loved the actual hand print so much, I decided to use it as the final product!
This is the Hubby's hand!! Make sure you are careful as you cut around the top of the finger tips  so they are nice and round!

There are all three!! I chose a more "fun" paper for the background! I went with blues bc it will match with our bedroom! It is hard to see but on the bottom of the thumb area I put the date so when we have 15,000 of these one day, we can see them all in the right order!

After a little cutting and pasting I put the date on the bottom and popped it in a frame!! I hope that this is something that we do every year as our family grows and changes :)

Have a great night!!