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Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Fall Craft--Skeleton on the Fridge

Today while Mason was napping and I was waiting for the repair man to come I thought I would put together one of my crafts that I have been planning on working on all week! Since it is almost October (I know, I can't believe it either!) I decided to make the skeleton from Better Homes and Gardens website! I think it is just what my fridge needs to start the spooky Halloween season off right!

So for all of my friends out there who always claim that they cannot craft, this one is about as simple as it gets guys :) It kind of took me back to elementary school for a minute :) If you do not have magnets around  you could always put it on a window or door as a deco that way too!!

Here is what I used: 
-White cardstock to printout the skeleton
-Black cardstock to glue to the back (the thickness of the two makes it look nicer and sturdier)
-One sheet of magnet found at the local Hob Lob. Don't be like me--I was over zealous and bought 2 sheets of magnet thinking I would MAKE SURE the lil skeleton stuck! I DESPISE when I buy a cute magnet only to put it on the fridge and watch it slide down...
-Scissors--a regular nice pair will cut everything you need!
-Glue stick to put the pieces of cardstock together
-Stronger glue to adhere the magnet to the back of the black cardstock! I used some knock off gorilla glue we had lying around!
This is after I have cut him out and glued the white and black cardstock together! All we need now are magnets!***Please note that you do NOT need to re-trace the skeleton and cut out the black THEN glue to the white. Simply save time by gluing your white pieces to the black solid page, let dry, then cut!!!

AND VOILA!!! Here he is in all his skeleton glory on the fridge!!

**I am going to keep him put away until Oct 1st--I have strict rules about this. Like I am not a fan of people who leave lights up year round or sing Christmas Carols in October.

Happy Friday!


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  1. congrats on starting your adoption process! Can't wait to hear more about it on your blog :)