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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Flowers for Fall!!

:( Isn't this such a SAD site!!!??!!
We have been experiencing a dry spell/heat wave here in Houston that is breaking all types of records. Every plant, tree, and stem of grass is dead or dying unless it is in someone's yard who is willing to spend the money to keep it alive. After awhile the drab brown colors are quite depressing! So we have been watering the lawn enough to keep it chugging along but have not touched the garden, which has become a barren dust bowl :( Even the weeds have given up!

Last weekend we went to a cactus and native Texan plant competition at the Houston garden center that we had read about in the paper that morning (Yes we still get the paper 4 days a week and no I do not have the desire to go digital in this arena of my life:). Well we ended up coming home with a few baby cacti and some major inspiration for the front yard! No, not the inspiration to make a west Texas rock garden, the inspiration to attack the barren wasteland that was once a lush garden! SO I began checking the local nursery deals and thinking of the layout in my head. I LOVE fall flowers...esp Mums!! All colors!!! They remind me of everything that is fall (my fav season) so I knew that they would be the major centerpiece of the garden!

SO Mason and I loaded up and headed to Home Deeps to check out their flower assortment. **They have a one year guarantee on flowers and will price match from other places. ALSO, the Home Depot by
my house happens to have the NICEST employees I have ever encountered at ANY store I have ever shopped at! Not kidding!

We ended up with some nice soil, pine mulch, new gloves (a must :) and as many beautiful plants as we could fit into our cart! Luckily my darling hubby met us there to help load all of this onto a flat and a cart to share the load!

After a ton of super fun work, here is what we ended up with! I am now in LOVE with gardening!! Thanks to the front yard, I am now ready to attempt to tackle to beast....AKA the back yard.

These are pics while I was in the process of planting everything!! I went back and added another row of mums and begonias as well as pine mulch! 

This is yet another of when I was still working...I would go take a pic of the finished product but it is dark outside  :(

This weekend we are going to be adding natural color stones around the perimeter of the garden as well as placing some sand in low lying areas and sod in the dead areas!!!! COME ON YARD!!! 

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