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Monday, May 2, 2011

The Paper Towel Challenge!!!

OMG has it really been almost a month since I have been on here?!?!?! There has been some family craziness going on around here, but I am back!!! 
So I had dinner with a fabulous friend, Joanie, on Saturday evening and we were talking about our life as kids compared to now. Aside from laughing about our super lame IMacs(they were super cool when they came out I promise) and other cool stuff from the 1990's, we got on the random topic of paper towels. We both talked about how our parents didn't use many of them and we go through them like they are going out of style! I am not sure of her reasonings, but we do it because 1.) they are used then pitched out so they don't collect bacteria and 2.) they are right there when you need something! My hubby even bought us a fancy crate and barrel countertop holder for the paper towels so you can rip with one hand! OHHH --AHHHH!

Well I was still thinking about this convo when I headed to the ol HEB grocery last night. I sauntered in and walked right up to a HUGE display of paper towels on SALE--(9.30 for like 6?) which is by no means what I consider a bargain. However, this was the name brand--we have experimented with the store brand only to be severely disappointed and stuck with rolls upon rolls of crappy paper towels. I tried to stuff them in my personal sized cart and they wouldn't fit. As I turned around to get the family size cart, something hit me and I turned back around and put them back...yep--you heard it right! Take that Brawney!

So today is Monday, day one of no paper towels for the Mondello household. I went to grab them a few times today to clean up a small spill on the floor and to sanitize the countertops. No promises, but we will see if we can make it through the week without running to the local, late night walgreens for some overpriced paper towels...

Our Paper Towel Holder!!

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