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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Presenting the FABULOUS New Hutch!!

I am so excited because we have finished our hutch!!!! We found this cool piece on CL a few months ago for a great price and had to have it!! 

We decided to go with "cornbread" yellow to bring some color into the room. Check out the close-up pics and you can see that we decided to antique it also! I have never actually done antiquing before, so I was SUPER nervous to tear up a nicely painted piece, but it was well worth it and super fun!! 

Here is what the hutch looked like when we brought it home!

Here is the finished hutch!!
This is a close up of the antique look

Here are the tools we used to make this old hutch become SHABBY CHIC!!

1.) Power Sander
2.) 100 grit sand paper
3.) Valspar Glaze--you can get any brand at the local hardware store!! 
4.) Kilz primer
5.) Cornbread yellow paint
6.) Stain to mix with the glaze--4 to 1 ratio
7.) Semi-gloss as the final coat after we put the glaze on!! 

The by far most fun part of this project was getting to work with the glaze!! You get to wipe it all over, leave it on for a few minutes (depending on how dark you want it ) and then wipe it off with an old undershirt!! You can even do more than one coat to get the desired effect!! 

It was a pretty easy project AND it is 10,000 times more fun to walk into you house and see something you created rather than a new piece from the store!! 

On to the next piece!! Have a wonderful Sunday!!

The Girl Creative