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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tag--My Turn!!

I am lucky enough to have been tagged by Holly at http://www.homebodyholly.com/ for this 4X4 MeMe!! I have never done this before, but here goes nothing!!

1.) 4 Places I go:

  • Hobby Lobby (esp the clearance isle) This place is great for crafting inspiration!
  • Gymboree--My angel babe is always in need of the newest fashions whether he knows it or not! His latest addition was a Fedora for our Destin trip!!
  • Oishi--The BEST sushi in town! I have never had a restaurant where they know you. I feel like Seinfeld and his diner at times...
  • The local thrift stores and the 19th street shops.<---I am always holding onto that pipe dream that I will find that million dollar item for our abode that has been overlooked for years and is priced at pennies of what it is really worth!! 
2.) Four of my Fav smells:
  • A roast in the oven
  • Fresh cut grass (reminds me of playing outside in the summer)
  • I think it is called Home Harvest or something like that by Yankee Candle. It is a fabulous fall scent that makes me think of leaves crunching under my feet, pumpkin carving, family togetherness, and all things fall :)
  • That clean baby smell! When Angel babe is all clean from his bath and massage and in his jammers all snuggled up with me ready for bed...yummmm his fresh clean baby smell is to die for!!
3.) Four of my fav shows/Movies:
  • Outsourced--Yes it is amazing! You must watch it if you haven't already! I love that I have  most of the music already on my iphone!
  • Modern Family--Always hilarious! Interestingly enough, there are things that the main dad, Phil, does that remind me a whole lot of my husband...
  • The Hangover--Just funny all around
  • American Greed--I am a sucker for anything like this...20/20, dateline you name it, I DVR it. I know you are prob thinking is this blogger lying about her age because she sounds like she is 80! 
4.) Four Recommendations:
  • Stop to breathe sometimes and just enjoy the moment :)
  • Peace does not mean to be in a place with no noise, trouble, or hard work. It means to be in the midst of all those things and still be calm in your heart. <--I am a huge quote fan
  • Keep in touch with friends and family--you want to make as many memories/good times/laughs as you can
  • Be as good of a  friend/partner/child/parent/mentor as you can be. You have a bigger influence on people than you may realize. 
5.) The 4 bloggers I recommend: 


  1. 1) I am also obsessed with Oishi and their terrible parking lot.
    2) Please eventually post a pic of a baby in a fedora.

    - Slamen

  2. Aw thanks how fun! I will post about it today!!!

  3. dear slamen...when are you going to create a blog?!?! The world needs you!

  4. I'm so glad you took my invitation! This was fun.
    (I like Outsourced too!)

  5. Thanks for referring my site! Lovin' your blog :)