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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring Wreath!

After a long and fun weekend with the Mondello fam in New Orleans, it is nice to be back home! As we were unpacking, I looked up to see my newest creation that I hung up on the wall before we left for the weekend! It made me all fuzzy inside, like spring/summer was here in our house at 6:20 in the evening!!

So if you are wanting something a little springy for the house, here is a quick (and super easy) idea for you!

1.) Buy a wreath at Hob Lob or Michaels--check to see who has them on sale!! You can buy any type wreath you want, I just liked the look of this one (it also seemed like the flowers would go in there easily!)

2.) Buy about 4 stems of fake flowers. These can be whatever style and color you want! You could also use dried real flowers from your garden if you want!! So whatever you choose, stick the flowers in the wreath, staying with the shape of the wreath. THERE YOU ARE! Your very own piece of spring to brighten the house!


  1. Nice job on your Spring wreath. I have happily just become a friend and follower. Hoping you will stop by and consider doing the same.

  2. Hi Libby, I am glad you joined the newbie party. Please add my link or button to your post.
    What a pretty wreath.

  3. hiya , visiting form debbie doo's and am following you , love the wreath , i am going to have a look around your blog now x hope to see you at mine soon