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Monday, March 14, 2011

Show Some Chalkboard Love!!

I have been LOVING this chalkboard spray paint craze that has been going on lately! It seems like it is everywhere I look! So I have been pondering how I can get some of the chalkboard awesomeness into my abode!! I am a huge fan of framing everything right now (most likely because of my little one) so I decide I am going to make a chalkboard frame of sorts....

I head to THE craft store, Hobby Lobby,  and spy this beautiful wooden frame for ONE DOLLAR!! Yep, that's right, $1.00!! I am really starting to LOVE the wood aisle! First my coasters, now the frame!! So I of course get two because for $1.00,and now I can afford to make a mistake!! I also have to pick up some of the chalkboard spray paint! Can I tell you how long I have been wanting to purchase this!!! I am like a kid walking through toys R us as I approach the spray paint area. I also get some regular chalk. I figure that if I get serious about this chalkboard stuff I can always come back and get the new and improved liquid chalk pen that is wayyy more than my dusty old chalk!!

I head home and spray paint my $1.00 frame twice for good measure--( I am thinking to myself as I do this that I have surely read it somewhere that you MUST spray two coats. Or am I convincing myself of this so that I can use more of this awesome spray paint?!?!?) Either way, I do two coats and I think it looks PERFECT! I bring it in and already have a quote in mind!  Mason and I have been reading some fabulous books that I read as a child, which happen to have some fabulous quotes in them!!

So here is the final product!!!

TA-DA!! A Perfect pic for over my windowsill!! Please pardon my handwriting! Does this quote look familiar to anyone?!?! This book, The giving Tree, and the movie the Land before time all made me sooo sad as a kid and still do!!

I'm off to make my hubby's bday cake and prep for dinner!! Have a fun mon!!Talk to you soon!

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  1. Is that quote from "Love You Forever"? That book still makes me weepy. - Slamen