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Monday, March 7, 2011

The refinished buffet!

I am proud to announce that we have finally finished our CL bargain buffet!! When I got this baby she was in dire need to repair! Her  doors weren't working and the lady before me had gunked thick, uneven spray paint all over it in an attempt to make it "shabby chic".

I had been looking for months for the "perfect" piece for my entryway/formal living/dining room in our lil 1958 abode and could not find the right piece! Then this baby caught my eye:

She came with all her doors and drawers but the lady didn't bother to put them on before we went to pick it up!!

So the piece is lovely and we take it home and begin to take off the handles etc. so we can see what we are really working with! Then we begin to sand and sand, and sand, and sand......

We quickly found out that we were dealing with some THICK paint in a multitude of colors. Good thing we wanted it to be black!!! 

After we sanded everything, we wiped it down with a damp cloth, followed by a dry light cloth. We also had to vac up all the dust we had created!

We decided to try a new primer and type of paint that we had been reading about on the internet and then compare it to our table and chairs...

The primer was decent, but didn't seem any different that the type we usually use. The major difference this time was that we had read all about how we should use this type of primer and paint with a roller instead of a brush. We should have trusted our gut the minute we saw that the main paint from BM was oil based, but we wanted to try the roller method..

The roller (we tried three types) did not cover well and did not work well with the paint. The top of the piece kept looking like we had just painted it with a roller so we finally called the paint place and they were in disbelief that we had been using a roller with an oil base paint...oops. Well I am glad we learned in time to go over everything with a nice brush!!!

Now that it was properly painted, we had to put the handles etc on. We really liked the style of the hardware she had chosen, but the color she painted them was like a dark grey which did not compliment our choice of black, so we headed to Home Deeps to choose a paint...


Almost done.....AND HERE SHE IS!!!! MONDELLOFIED!!!! ( I know, I know)

Come over and you can see her in all her glory!!

Here is what we used for the project:
-Power sander
-120 sandpaper
-Oil base wood and metal BM paint
-spray paint for handles

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  1. just wanted to add that this DIY was ALL Libby... I did practically nothing for this rehab. Quite proud of you!

  2. it turned out beautifully!!! i stopped by from its so very cheri.

  3. What a beautiful buffet! And I love the color you painted the handles.

    I have one in the works too and it also has layers upon layers of gunky paint!

  4. What a gorgeous piece. The color choice for the hardware what perfect!

  5. incredible! i love the lines. this would go in my dream home someday!

  6. Cassie,
    Thanks for stopping by!!!


  7. Chrissie!!
    Thanks for the compliment on the hardware!! It took FOREVER in the Home Depot aisle to figure out the right look!! I know that brushed nickel is the in thing right now, but i really wanted something more fun!!

  8. Melissa and Scott,

    ohh!! Glad to see you are out there making furniture pretty!!! Send me some pics when you are done!! if you want to guest blog on here to show off your piece, let me know!! Best of luck!!