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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Quick and Yummy dinner!!

We all have those nights where the last thing we feel like doing is putting a nice meal together. Well the next time you feel this way, you can whip up the Chicken I made last night!!

**I know most people feel exhausted and wiped out on Monday night, but I have always felt like this on Tuesday night. I think on Monday night I am still in shock that the week has really started again, and by Tuesday that feeling has worn off !

Here is the dinner: (just so you can see what I put it together with--the meal shows what I was in the mood for and what was easy to make. You could also make this with rice and steamed veggies etc)
-Easy Sauteed Chicken Breasts
-1/2 sweet potato each
-dinner salad
-Watermelon ( This was on sale and looked so pretty that it made it to the dinner table!)

-2 boneless, skinless chicken breasts (you can always make more for wraps in your lunch the next day, or if there are more than 2 of you eating)
-Onion Salt
-Seasoning Salt
-Garlic Powder
-Fresh Pepper
-About 3 T of butter or Olive oil

1.) Sprinkle the above seasoning on both sides of the chicken
2.)  Put butter OR oil into pan and let heat up
3.)  Put chicken into pan and sautee for about 12 minutes PER SIDE--trust me, you do not want to sit down and cut into raw chicken

And there you are!! You might be thinking, wow Libby, this isnt the healthiest option with all of the salt...ok so if you are not as tired as I was last night, then you can cut up some garlic and onion and then sprinkle a little pepper on the chicken and sautee that! You could even throw in some green pepper! Just make sure that you are not burning your garlic or the whole dish tastes yucky!!

**Make sure that you do not sprinkle on too much of the seasoning!! A little goes a long way esp since you are doing both sides and it will be sitting in the pan with the seasoning for a while.

SO while this isn't the best dish I have ever made, it is quick, easy, and yummy! You can also pair it with a ton of things! It is also 1,000 times better than going through a drive thru!!!

--If you are a fan of chic-fil-a like yours truly, then you will appreciate this. The rolls I made last night are ones you get from the freezer section of the grocery. They come in a pie tin and are called Sister Schubert's House Style yeast rolls. I SWEAR they are, or taste the same as, the chic-fil-a mini rolls!!!! Just try them and let me know what you think!!!

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