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Sunday, March 6, 2011

A new way to hang your photos (PB Inspired)

As you know by now, I LOVE thumbing through magazines to get inspiration for our abode!! We have slowly been re-doing every room and we want it to be just what we always pictured!!

So in the Feb issue, page 55 to be exact, there is a bedroom set-up with a cool bed etc. Well above the bed is the cooler part for me as I am in no need of a bed at the moment!! It is a new and super awesome way to hang more than one pic in a space without it looking crowded!!

Here is the store pic from the magazine:

And here is my version:

We are working to re-do our front room so I thought this was a nice first wall piece to add! As you come in the front door, you are reminded what is important in your life!!!

All I did was pick up a wooden wall hook/peg thing from Hobby Lobby which was like $1.68, take it home and stain it, then use some twine to hang the pics I wanted.

(the best stain ever) A little goes VERRRRRYYYY far!!!

You can always add pics at different lengths on top of one another, hang different things (like I added a silver cross) or just change the pics in each frame!!

I just used frames from around the house!!!


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  1. That's really cute and clever! A good candidate for my next knock-off party ;)

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