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Sunday, March 6, 2011

My little angel is sick :(

My little baby, Mason, has officially come down with the stomach bug that is going around!! The on-call nurse (yes we are new parents and called) said that he probably picked it up from the doctor's office while he was there last week with a cold/fever thing:(

So we are taking it east this weekend around the house! While he is napping, the hubby and I have been working to bring in my newest piece of furniture from my workshop (AKA the garage)! I will try to get some pics up later tonight!

I have opened all of the windows in the house (it's 77) and cleaned everything in hopes that my lil' Texas angel doesn't spread his illness to us!!

I was going to make crab cakes for dinner and am now nervous because that is a food I cannot have ruined by a stomach bug!!!!

Does anyone know any good remedies for the bug or for prevention, aside from bleach and prayers??!!??


  1. I was checking out your photo hangar (above) from embellishing life (wicked cute, by the way; I might try it). So sorry your little man is sick! Pretty much just wait it out . . . poor little dude! Opening the windows and cleaning everything should help get the germs out.

  2. hey thanks for the comment and advice!! We had the windows open all day today which felt wonderful to both him and me!!!!! let me know how yours turns out!!