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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Everything but the Kitchen Sink Link Party!!!

Good Morning everyone!! Today I am having my very FIRST link party!!! I have been trying to think of a topic for sometime, but couldn't decide on just one. SO I decided that you can choose what to post from your blog! You could post anything that you are wanting to share with the world! Some examples could be a new craft, a new piece of furniture that you have made beautiful, an awesome recipe, a day in the life of what you do, cool vacation tips, a funny life story to make us all giggle, etc!!

Here are the bolgosphere guidelines!!!!

1.) Follow me if you are not already
2.) Pretty please add my link to the bottom of your post
3.) Visit some fellow blogger's posts and leave a comment or two!!
4.) The only things I ask that you don't link to are the usual---your store, a giveaway, or your link party!
5.) Make sure you link to a specific page in your blog, not the main page!!

HAVE FUN! This will be going on for a week, so check back to see all of the cool blogs!!!


  1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog...welcome to the wonderful world of blogland

  2. Thanks for inviting me over! Your blog is very cute :)

    The Farm Girl

  3. So since I read your blog all the time and absolutely LOVE it, I finally created one for my family! Thanks for the inspiration. You ROCK!