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Friday, March 4, 2011

Easter Decoration (PB Inspired)

I know, I know, Easter is wayyy late this year, but that didn't stop Pottery Barn from decorating their catalog with the new Easter home decor goodies. SO you can bet your bottom dollar that it isn't going to stop me either!!

I was flipping through the catalog and came across this:

Well, let's just say I fell in LOVE!! I love the whole set-up, but being realistic with things, I focused, and really, really loved the eggs hanging from the branches. (See above) 

So I headed to ol' faithful...

to try and find some white, wood eggs and a stamp so I could make them! Well after a bit of browsing, I decided I liked these better...

So I headed home with my purchase!! I already had a vase and we live around a TON of trees, so I knew the branches would be no prob!!

Here is the final product! I had a tough time getting the light just right on my camera, but hopefully you can get the idea!! I will be working on more Easter-y stuff this week and will be posting soon!!

It is the centerpiece on my dining room table! I figured I could add the cute little bunnies etc as the weeks progressed!

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