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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Cute Coasters!

I had seen a variation of these at a craft show awhile back and made a mental note to try them out myself (which I quickly forgot). Then I came across them again in the blogosphere and thought that they would be perfect for our new formal living area! Here is the blog that re-inspired me-http://krazycraftylady.blogspot.com/!!

So just in time for sweet tea on the porch (or in your living room), here is how you can make own coasters for super cheap! **the best part about these coasters to me is that since they are so cheap, you can make new ones ALL THE TIME!!!

1.) If you go to Michaels on the wood aisle, there are a TON of different sizes and shapes of freshly cut wood waiting to me made into something awesome. I chose the small squares which were 99 cents because I thought it would be easier to make the paper pattern for the top of the coaster!! I bought 4 of them, but you could make as many as you want for all the different rooms in your house!

After I got home, I stained my 4 future coasters brown with some stain we had lying around! **this does take awhile to dry!!

2.) When the stain dried, I put some Modge Podge on the top of the coaster so the paper would stick to it!
After the paper was stuck on the top, I flipped them over to prevent any bubbles or curling!

3.) Wait about 15-20 mins then go back cover the paper and rest of coaster with Modge Podge. ***NOTE--I put some distress ink (from the ink/stamp/scrapbook aisle) on the top of the paper and let it dry before I put on the modge podge coat!

4.) Wait for that process to dry and THAT'S IT!!! You have some fancy new coasters waiting to be used!!

Have a fabulous Wednesday!! I am attempting to make Mason some proper St. Patty's attire!!!

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