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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Buried Treasure Adventures in Houston!!

I technically started my bargain/antique shopping with Heidi on Friday, but I really went into full bargain swing today!! My favorite street in the city is 19th street in the heights! You can find a ton of fabulous bargains and just about everything you are looking for!! I am a person that would much rather make something or find an old yet cool item for the house than go to the local Box store and buy one.

Today I was on the hunt for some more knick-knacks for around the house. As we are working on the formal living and dining and the den, I am realizing that we need some more sit arounds etc to make the areas feel warm! My husband (he really is the best man on the planet) and I happen to LOVE the same sort of style (match made in heaven, I know) so it works out well as we are working on things around the house!

Here is what I purchased on my latest hunt...Can you tell how much I love bargain hunting?!?!

This is a cool Middle Eastern serving tray. It is silver and bronze and needs to be polished, but I figure that can wait until next week!! This is going in the entry way on the buffet to put the mail/keys etc on. See next pic for a better idea of this!
Baby Mason is not too sure about this platter...

I really wanted some cool, old books AND I found them!! The bottom one is from 1917, then 1924, then  1932!! I am not quite sure where they will end up around the casa, but next to my st. patty's subway art  and my new bird is good for now!

I have been looking for an old green bottle for some time. I question how old this baby really is, but it is perfect for our loose change!

I couldn't go shopping and not get something for my little man!! This is his Easter outfit as well as his outfit for pictures!! 
BEST of all, I only spent 21 dollars on everything for the house!!! That makes them even cooler to me!!

Have a fabulous rest of the weekend! Off I go to cook dinner for my love!! YUMMM sweet and sour pork!

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