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Saturday, February 19, 2011

What's Your Fav Movie?

It's Saturday evening and many of you are prepping to go out with friends, fam or on a hot date. Maybe you will end up at the show! There are some new movies out that look interesting, esp if someone else is buying.

For some reason I started thinking about an old job interview from college where the boss was asking all the normal interview questions and then threw in a major curveball--"Name your top 3 favorite movies." And right at that moment I felt the floor fall out from under me and my mind went blank! I remember thinking, "lord, why is he asking me this? Shit, I can't even think of A movie, much less 3!! What are my choices going to say about my personality???" I couldn't tell you what I rambled off, but I guess it worked because I got the job (the job turned out to be not so great).

So I decided to name my top 10 movies I love at the moment. I am sure there are a dozen more, but this will have to do for now! Maybe you can tell me what this means about my inner workings :) **I would love to see your movie list too!

(In no particular order)

1.) Tropic Thunder
2.) Bridge on the River Kwai
3.) Meet Joe Black
4.) The Departed
5.) 16 Candles
6.) Arlington Road
7.) Dr. Strangelove
8.) Batman
9.) Meet the Parents
10.) Driving Ms. Daisy

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