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Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day Cookies and Thoughts on Last Minute Parking Lot Gift Stands

Let me start by saying I like Valentine's Day. I think it is a cute idea and if there is a little more love in the air for one day, then that is great!!

I decided to make my honey one so true some heart shaped spritz cookies to celebrate the special day using my new cuisinart cookie maker. So I took out my vintage Betty Crocker cookie book and prepped the dough etc. getting more and more excited to use my new contraption!!

Do you think they know they spelled cookie wrong or was that a hip thing in the 1960's housewife world?

It took awhile to set up everything for this supposed magical cookie maker, but I did it salivating all the while thinking of the yumminess that awaited me!!

So I jammed the dough into the tube and turned the thing on AND...nothing. Yep, that's right. NOthing. The dough was "too thick" for the top of the line electric cookie press. And although it is called an "Electric Cookie Press" the pamphlet says that it works best for deviled eggs. Awesome. I guess it is a good thing that the deviled egg season is coming and I like those!!

Alas, I am off to the Godiva store to buy my sweetheart his favorite heart shaped chocolate box :)

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!! Make sure to do something sweet!

**Special note to any guys that may be reading this, even if you still do not have a gift or flowers for your gal at this late in the game, do not, I repeat do NOT stop at one of those random parking lots filled with tents and  old econoline vans full of baskets with cheap bears and fake flowers. Your girl will NOT like it unless she is into Carnies, in which case you need to re-evaluate who you are dating.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your fancy electric cooky press. I have a manual one I'm very happy with... think it came from crate & barrel... If you still need one at Christmas time, I'll know what to get you in the name exchange!