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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thrifting Adventures in Houston

What really got me into this blogging thing was when we started our DIY stuff and were milling around on the internet for house ideas etc and came across some awesome blogs for DIY knockoffs to expensive stores. And since we are always trying to save more than we spend, we decided (I decided) that we would start checking thrift stores to see if we could piece together the stuff we drooled over in the numerous catalogs that came to our house weekly.

In the blogs I would come across, the person would describe an item they liked in a mag, then talk about how they happened into a thrift store and found the perfect rare piece to make their dream item into a reality. I thought, how easy is that?!? Well that is not so.

I have been to a few thrift stores and what I envisioned is not really the case. When I think thrift store, i think piles of cheap garage sale stuff for pennies on the dollar. Many of the stores around houston call themselves thrift shops and charge hundreds of dollars for tables or chairs!!

However, yesterday I went with a great family friend and advice guru, Heidi to the Guild in Montrose and found a fabulous jug lamp that looks identical to the one in pottery barn!!

Above is the PB lamp (now I am on the mad search for a shade)

Tomorrow I am going to check out a few more places and will let you know how they are! I have heard the goodwill in River Oaks is nice! We will see what I can dig up!

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