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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Picture Frame to Hang your Memos In--A Pottery Barn Knockoff by yours truly!!

I always get excited when I get my new PB catalog in the mail. Not because I am going to order a ton of things from it, but because I love looking through it to see what I can attempt to make myself to spice up our little abode!!

Right now we are working on our formal living and dining room (I am also trying to finish the front guest bedroom) and so when I came across this in the catalog--(see below) I knew it would be a perfect fit for our 1958 formal living room/entryway!!

The price on this little piece of art was close to $200.00!! No thanks! So I headed to Hobby Lobby with my weekly coupon (you can print this off their website) and bought the following: 
-Picture Frame (choose the size and style that match with your room)
-Clips (also go with the style you are working towards)
-Picture wire (one pack is plenty)

Total cost = 18.47 plus tax. Much better priced than $200 AND much more fun!!

**You also need a staple gun, but I had one lying around!

Step 1.)
Flip the frame over on your work area and lay out the top picture wire where you want it. I just eyeballed it since you will be hanging things on it to make it more or less level.

Step 2.)

Staple down the picture wire then fold the wire back over the newly stapled area and staple again. This will give it some extra strength so you can actually hang things on your wire! Then take a hammer to make sure the staples lie flat.

Step 3.)

Go back to the other side of the frame and repeat the stapling. Here I was testing out to see if two staples initially and then one more on top worked better than the two total. The answer was no. :) 

Step 4.) 

Now that I have stapled on all of the picture wire (I chose to do three rows--you could always do more or less or even zig-zag), I am ready to put on my fun pics etc.!!

Step 5.) 

Here are two pics of what mine ended up looking like!! I love it and think it is a perfect fit for the entry way! I cant wait to get some cards to put on it! A fabulous conversation piece!! You could even put some fabric up behind every once in a while if you wanted to change things up!!

Head over to http://adiamondinthestuff.blogspot.com/ to see more fabulous crafting ideas!!!!


  1. Hi Libby! Welcome to blogging! Your frame turned out really nice...great knock-off!
    I'm really glad you joined my party. Please add my link to this post...a text link is fine, or you can use my knock-off button (code is on my right side column). Thank you!
    Email me if you have any questions holly@homebodyholly.com

  2. I love this knock-off. I hope to try it myself soon. Thanks for the step-by-step.

  3. Very cute idea & looks super easy-love it!

  4. that looks awesome! i am totally going to try that when we move into the new apartment. thanks!