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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ick! Germs!! Cleaning products I'm Lovin'

I am a germaphobe (sort of). Well maybe more than sort of. I am this way because I have an immune system that is worse than my 93 year old granny's. I am also this way because I think about when people go to the restroom, sneeze, are sick, cough etc. then don't wash their hands then touch things the rest of the world has to touch!! GROSS! You should google those 20/20 specials about how dirty escalator handles are etc. It will make you think about a lot of things!!

Take for example a family doctor's office this time of year. Lord knows what illnesses are coming through that door. Maybe the person before you had the flu and touched the door handle to get in, then the pen to sign in, THEN the magazine that you are reading!! ACK!!! Now some people are not bothered by this and that is their prerogative. I am bothered so I have decided to show you the things that I use in and around the house to keep us healthy.

It is OK. I know you are jealous. May I remind you that I will teach you my sanitizing ways and even sanitize your life for a fee!!!

So here are the things that keep me happy and germ free :)

Here is the first and best of my sanitizing tools. I really wish they would make this in keychain form. This stuff is fabulous!! It takes the term anywhere to a whole new level of clean experimentation for me.

Then there is my steamer for my tile floors. Notice the elephant logo. This is half of the reason I chose it!! I love this thing!! It is also a cheaper option to my ex swiffer habit which was a lot of waste and money!

Then there is my love. By this I mean my pink dyson. I vacuum everyday since we have 2 pets that are indoor and outdoor pets. Also because we have all wood and tile so it is super easy to get it clean quick so you dont get the feeling you are walking on dirt--yuck!!

This lil baby is amazing! You have to add a bit of salt to make it really like a humid jungle, but it is great for your cold or to prevent one! Please note that you have to clean it out everyday and sanitize it once a week or you are going to be sending humid mold into your lungs.

I drink one of these babies daily!! They are yummy and great to take on the go! Just a little extra boost to life!

Last but certainly not least it my fab husband gregory. Here he is modeling some things he uses to stay healthy!! Note that he is able to keep working because he is healthy!! I also sanitized his keyboard for him!! Oh yes I did.  :)


  1. I can. not. wait. for you to get the Christmas gift that Lisa and Joe and mom and I found for you when we were up there visiting Granny in January. Late one night after a long day of cooking and eating and hanging out, we were tired, looking through magazines/ads/the newspaper and I found the Perfect Gift for you. I pointed it out and everyone immediately realized it was the Perfect Gift. I could tell by how hard they laughed. Lisa even found a knock off at another store the next day and brought it home. (Not that you aren't worth $70, but we are in a recession, after all.) It is the Perfect Gift - and I notice from your post that you don't yet own one. Can't wait for Christmas. You will love it. And us.
    p.s. love your blog! xoxo Emily

  2. Hey Libby, the blog is really cute! I loved your Valentine's Day gift idea (and I also love my Dyson)

    Just a note, remember that some germs are necessary, especially for the little one. I know it seems contradictory to a lot of the marketing we get but kids who are kept too pristine actually end up with weaker immune systems and more allergies. The fact that you keep animals in the house is going to do a great job of exposing him to different danders and "good dirt", though.

    Sorry for the unsolicited opinion, I just worry about the effect of all the GERMS BAAAAD!advertising on Moms who want to do the right thing for their kids. - Sarah Slamen