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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Great food, friends and fun!

This has been a looooong week! There have been a seemingly endless list of little things to get done and on top of that the weather is very non-texan!! I am not a fan! I feel as though I live in the south and sweat like a greased pig in the summer so I can wear my nike shorts and a t-shirt around during the winter. I realllllly dislike bundling up to get into the car, de-bundle (prob not a word), re-bundle to get out of the car, then head into a store where they have the heat cranked to Sahara summer!! Hurry up spring!!

Well a bright spot in my week was tonight when some great and fabulous friends of ours came for dinner! We always have the best time with laura and Chris! I have known Laura since before Titanic was in theaters and I am pretty sure we will be friends until the day we die!! We always have a mil things to talk about and have fun story and advice swapping. It just goes to show that no matter what your days and weeks, and sometimes months are like, if you have great friends in your life, they can always cheer you up and remind you why life is fabulous!!

I wish I had old pics of Laura and me lying around, but they are at my parents house so a more recent one will have to do for now!! xoxo laura moore

This is Laura with baby Mason!!

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  1. awww Libby!!!! Anyone who still loves me after titanic party, or celine dion sing alongs will be my friend forever! We have had so many adventures and amazing times, I can't wait to see what the future holds. I love you sweet Libby and I am so thankful for you! <3