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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Dining Room!

Gregory and I had been on the mad search for a dining room set for almost n a year when we had basically decided to give up. The sets we saw were either tacky as all get out, too large for our 1958 ranch style home, too pricey or just not what we were looking for. I am a HUGE believer in when you see it, you just know and in this case, I never saw it. So I was willing to put it on the back burner for awhile because we were busy with other things, such as a newborn, as well as other projects that we wanted to work on in the house! Well Gregory was determined to find a table before Mason's baptism so he began to search on CL (craigslist). I didn't give the idea much thought because I never thought he would find anything. Well he did--
So here is the table in our garage. As you can tell, he bought it of the CL for a real bargain so I couldn't be too upset :) I also figured that since it was such a bargain, if it turned out that our newly found DIY skills were not up to the task, that we could turn around and sell it on the CL for the same price.

At first we thought we would just sand it down then stain it, but as we were sanding, we noticed that the large ring in the center of the table was not getting any less noticeable...
So after looking through our pottery barn catalog, we decided to paint it black!! So now that it was sanded, we put some basic kilz primer over the whole table before painting it the final color!

Here is what we used on case you are inspired by our project!! **Note that we used a power sander and primer before we put this on!!

We made sure to do 3 thin coats of the paint and we really liked how it turned out! When we were done with that, we put a protective finish over it so we could actually eat on the table!!

 And VOILA!!! Our dining room table!!! Maybe we will have you over for dinner sometime!!

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